Frequently Asked Questions

MALTDAQ Membership

How do I become a member of MALTDAQ?

MALTDAQ is an online platform which brings together whisky enthusiasts keen to legally buy and sell whisky from each other in a safe and trusted marketplace.

To become a member able to buy  (through placing Bids or using the Buy Now option) you must be 18 or over and register with your email, address details and payment card details. These are required to ensure you have the funds instantly available to fulfil a purchase and the details are held securely by Stripe, our third party payment provider.

To become a member who is able to sell (through placing Asks or using the Sell Now option) we ask that you complete a a 5-step registration to confirm:

    • your identity
    • your age (you must be 18 or over)
    • your billing and shipping address
    • your bank details, which will be held securely by a 3rd party provider

This takes approximately 5 minutes and you will need to have to hand:

    • your driver’s licence (recommended), passport or a recent utility bill (e.g. council tax bill)
    • your bank details for payments and payouts

Members are only required to register once, whether they want to Buy (or place Bids) or Sell (place an Ask), and all MALTDAQ members remain anonymous from each other, always.

To join MALTDAQ  simply follow the registration steps when using Buy Now / Enter Bid or Sell Now / Enter Ask or click here               

How much does it cost to be a member of MALTDAQ?

Membership is completely free. Only members are able to sell or buy and you must be over the legal drinking age (18 in the UK).  We do ask that you complete the registration process to vet and verify your identity and ensure you have the funds instantly available to fulfil a purchase.

I live outside the UK can I be a member of MALTDAQ?

Currently, to become a member you must be a UK resident. We are only able to collect and deliver to an address within the UK. Please get in touch at if you are from outside the UK.

Can businesses become a member of MALTDAQ?

At the moment, businesses cannot become members of MALTDAQ, only individuals buying and selling in a personal capacity.

Buying and Selling on MALTDAQ

MALTDAQ facilitates sales between individual members by allowing sellers to specify how much they want to sell their bottle of whisky for by placing an Ask.

Buyer members indicate how much they are willing to pay for a whisky by placing a Bid.

MALTDAQ displays the Bids and Asks for each whisky in a transparent way – sellers can see the highest price buyers will pay and buyers can see the minimum price sellers would sell for.

When a price is agreed the sales process automatically starts. Unlike an auction a sale takes place as soon as a price is agreed; only then is the bottle collected from the seller.

For more on how to place a Bid see the Buying guide

For more on how to place an Ask see the Selling guide

Collection and delivery

Bottle collection from the seller

I’ve sold a bottle: What happens now?

The sales (transaction) process automatically starts and MALTDAQ will organize for your bottle to be collected (at no cost to you). You will receive an email confirming the sale and will need to get your bottle ready for collection following our Packaging Guidelines and using the shipping label we email to you. For a full explanation of what happens see our Selling Guide.

I’ve sold a bottle: How long until it’s collected?

MALTDAQ will organize collection within 2 working days of the transaction. You will receive an email with the collection date / time and a link to the shipping label to be attached to the bottle.  

I’ve sold a bottle: How do I prepare my bottle for collection?

Please refer to our Packaging Guidelines when preparing your bottle for collection and make sure your bottle is packaged securely to prevent damage during transit.

I’ve sold a bottle: Can I organize for my bottle to be sent to MALTDAQ?

We highly recommend that you use MALTDAQ’s free bottle collection service. If you would prefer to organize your own bottle collection you will do so at your own cost. This must be done within 2 working days of the transaction and MALTDAQ must be informed immediately following the transaction by emailing You will then need to provide MALTDAQ with the tracking number details.

I’ve sold a bottle: Courier has not collected my bottle at the time specified

We provide you with a date / time for collection and a tracking number so that you can see any changes or delays to collection. However, if the bottle has not been collected at expected time please email MALTDAQ at quoting the Transaction Reference and putting ‘My bottle hasn’t been collected’ in the subject line.

Which courier do you use for collection?

We use UPS and we are an approved customer for shipping alcohol with UPS.

Why do you collect the bottle from the seller member?

We offer a free bottle collection service with UPS. This so that we can track the collection, fulfil our aim of receiving the bottle withing 2 working days for verification and to provide assurance that the bottle is being handled by a recognized courier, experienced in handling the delivery of fragile items.

Bottle Delivery to the Buyer

Maltdaq is a UK based site serving members based in the UK. We do not ship outside the UK and all costs relating to delivery apply to the UK only.

Which courier do you use for delivery?

We use UPS and we are an approved customer for shipping alcohol with UPS.

I’ve bought a bottle – How long until my whisky is delivered?

We estimate a typical timescale of 6 working days, providing the transaction (sale) and verification process goes through smoothly would be that MALTDAQ:

Status   Estimated Working Days from Transaction
Receives the whisky from the seller 2 working days
Verifies the whisky 3 working days
Organizes UPS next day delivery 4 working days
Buyer member receives whisky 6 working days

At every stage you would be updated by email.

How do I track my delivery?

You will receive an email with the UPS Tracking Number for delivery once a whisky has been successfully verified and delivery organized.

Protecting your delivery

While MALTDAQ take great care in securely packaging your whisky and have partnered with UPS (who are experienced in delivering fragile items) we offer the option of protecting your whisky delivery against loss or breakage in transit, resulting in non-delivery to the address provided or to a local UPS Access Point.

When buying through Buy Now or Enter Bid, selecting the insurance option would mean that in such instances the full Total to Pay cost would be refunded.

When selling through Sell Now or Enter Ask, selecting the insurance option would mean that in such instances the full Transaction amount would be refunded, providing the Packaging Guidelines have been followed.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details of Handling and Shipping terms.

Fees and VAT

Buyer Fees
Buyers Commission 9% (exc. VAT)
Single Bottle Delivery to Buyer £9.95 (exc. VAT)
Buyers Insurance 3% of the matched Bid Amount (exc. VAT)

Seller Fees
Sellers Commission 0%
Single Bottle Collection from Seller £0

How is V.A.T. charged?

On MALTDAQ bottles of whisky are sold in a personal capacity – by individuals to individuals  – and defined as ‘second hand’. Therefore the price of each bottle of whisky is not subject to additional V.A.T. – as defined by the HMRC Auctioneers Scheme. All other charges (commission, delivery and insurance) are vattable and V.A.T is charged at the prevailing rate (currently 20%).

Last updated 1st March 2023

MALTDAQ and the Whiskies Listed

MALTDAQ is an online marketplace for sought after and recently released single malts from Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.

Members are not required to upload details of the whisky they wish to add to the site (and are not able to add whiskies to the site); MALTDAQ curates the whiskies featured. Newly released whiskies are added onto the site regularly.

If you have a recently released whisky that you are looking to sell (or  are looking to buy) that you believe we should include on the site please email with ‘List New Whisky Suggestion’ in the subject line.

Only bottles in ‘as new’ condition can be sold as detailed in our Condition Guidelines

Price History

How do you calculate the last sale price?

The price shown represents the last time this whisky was sold at a UK auction (hammer price) or on MALTDAQ.

What is the release RSP?

This is the retail price (inclusive of VAT) of the whisky when first released into the UK retail market.

I’ve placed an Ask but now I can’t see it?

Asks are displayed in the green Bid / Buy box. This is because an Ask is an invitation to Buyers to buy the whisky at the Ask price.

If your Ask is not the lowest Ask it won’t show on the main index page. Click on the whisky name and you’ll see more Bid / Buy boxes on the product page.  If you still can’t see your Ask then click on ‘View All Asks’.

You will receive an email confirming that you have placed an Ask. You can also see the Asks you have placed in the My Trades section of the My Account page.

If you haven’t received confirmation by email of an Ask you placed contact

I’ve placed a Bid but now I can’t see it?

Bids are displayed in the red Sell / Ask box. This is because a Bid is an indication to Sellers that you are committed to buying the whisky at the Ask price.

If your Bid is not the highest Bid it won’t show on the main index page. Click on the whisky name and you’ll see more Sell / Ask boxes on the product page.  If you still can’t see your Bid then click on ‘View All Bids’.

You will receive an email confirming that you have placed a Bid. You can also see the Bids you have placed in the My Trades section of the My Account page.

If you haven’t received confirmation by email of the Bid you placed contact

How does MALTDAQ differ from an Auction?

Officially the MALTDAQ model is known as a ‘continuous double auction’ and it shares some characteristics of auctions but not all. An auction usually has single bottle lot and invites buyers to outbid each other until the pre-defined time when the auction ends. At this point the highest bidder wins, or if the reserve price (which is unknown to the bidders) is not met a sale will not go ahead. The seller would then need to submit the whisky to auction again, and the process would start over.  If that same whisky that the buyer is seeking is also being auctioned in a different lot, the buyer would need to bid in that auction too.

MALTDAQ in contrast, brings all ‘lots’ of the same whisky together in one place and invites buyers and sellers of that whisky to name the price at which they would be prepared to buy or sell by placing a Bid (to buy), or an Ask (to sell).

Both buyers and sellers can the adjust their prices (their Bids and Asks) at the same time – this is the ‘double’ element of the auction. MALTDAQ members, whether buying or selling can clearly see all Asks (sale price) and all Bids (purchase price) so can make an informed decision about when to buy or sell. There is no predefined end time- the sale process immediately starts when a Bid and an Ask match.

Only Members of MALTDAQ can place Bids and Asks – find out how to join for free here

How do I close my Membership account

Joining MALTDAQ is free but if you could like to close your Membership account please contact us at