About Maltdaq

MALTDAQ brings together whisky enthusiasts keen to buy and sell single malt whisky.

MALTDAQ facilitates the sale and verifies each bottle, saving you time and worry.

All members are checked and vetted making MALTDAQ a secure and trusted marketplace.

With MALTDAQ you name your price using a transparent ‘Bid / Ask’ method.

Bid to Buy or Ask to Sell.

Then quickly see whether this seems too low, too high, or just right.

When it’s a match it’s a sale!

Whisky buying and selling made fast, transparent and secure

A different way to buy and sell newly released single malt whisky from the British Isles


Fully vetted member-only marketplace
Members undisclosed but known to MALTDAQ
Secure and legal transactions
Payout held securely until whisky is verified
Trackable bottle collection and delivery


Members set the price
Real-time view of best price to buy or sell
Easy to see all latest sell and buy prices
Sales history visible for each whisky



Transaction starts as soon as price agreed
Bottle collection within 2 working days
Whisky delivered within 6 working days
Payout from 7 working days

Low Cost

O% Sellers commission
Low buyers commission
Free bottle collection from seller
Delivery to buyer at cost


Only sell at the price you’ve named
Only buy at the price you’ve offered
MALTDAQ examines and verifies each bottle
Trackable delivery by reputable courier
Know when payment or bottle will arrive


Vetted members committed to buy and sell
MALTDAQ facilitates the sale
Bottle collected only when sale is agreed
Bottle collection and delivery arranged by MALTDAQ