Condition Guidelines

Underpinning the Bid / Ask model of MALTDAQ (which helps realise a true market price) is that all bottles sold are in the same ‘as new’ condition. These Condition Guidelines are designed to help determine whether your whisky will be considered ‘as new’ and is in the condition a verified MALTDAQ buyer can expect to receive.

Before placing an Ask please make sure your bottle meets these Condition Guidelines; doing so will aid successful verification by MALTDAQ experts so that your pay-out can be released from the buyer with no delay.

If you are unsure or have a query, please contact

‘As new’ means the bottle:

  • is in the same immaculate condition expected when first bought from a retailer, or when bought directly from the distillery or bottler.
  • has an unbroken seal (plastic, wax, or paper tab) with no evidence of tampering
  • is unopened with the original closure (cork stopper or screwcap) intact
  • is filled fully into the neck of the bottle
  • has a pristine label(s) with no scuffs or marks
  • comes with the original presentation package (outer gift box, wooden case, tin or tube) in the undamaged condition you would reasonably expect when buying new
  • comes complete with any associated leaflet, brochure or tag as provided when the whisky was first released
  • matches the image and is identical to the expression described and ABV % detailed on the MALTDAQ site

To maintain the ‘as new’ condition during shipping please refer to the Packaging Guidelines.

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