Information following the closure of Maltdaq is now closed, however our team are still in place to answer any queries that are not addressed below.


Transactions (sales or purchases)


If you have recently bought or sold a whisky through Maltdaq:

Although the website is no longer processing new sales or purchases, existing sales and purchases, including those which have only just been confirmed are not affected and will continue as normal.


Our full team remains on board and will continue to provide our normal service until each transaction has been completed.

This means that we will receive, examine, dispatch and payout on whiskies as we have always done.


For whiskies sold that are yet to be shipped to Maltdaq

  • UPS collection requests currently in place will go ahead
  • We will continue to receive whiskies shipped through a UPS Access Point (i.e. if you have opted to ‘drop off’ your parcel)
  • On successful examination of the whisky payouts will be issued – there is no change to our normal procedure.


For whiskies which have been bought recently:

  • We still be delivered into Maltdaq and examined following our usual checks
  • Following our normal process, buyer’s payments are held securely and only released when the whisky is dispatched.
  • We will still advise you of the UPS tracking number for the delivery.


We are contacting all members who have a sale or purchase in progress at the time of this closure announcement so please check your inbox.


If you have recently sold a whisky and received the email confirming the payout was issued but can’t yet see it in your account:

Payouts are processed securely through Stripe (our 3rd party payment provider) and can take up to 5 working days to appear in your account from the day you received an email confirming that the payout was issued.


If you have recently bought a whisky but not received it yet:

We will continue to process all transactions following our normal procedures, providing updates at each stage of the transaction e.g. when the whisky arrives at Maltdaq and when it is ready for dispatch.

Please note that updates on the status of each transaction will be sent from (a no-reply address) or from Please add both addresses to your contacts so that you don’t miss these important emails.


Bids and Asks


If you have an Active Ask or Active Bid on Maltdaq:

All active but unmatched Asks and Bids are now expired (cancelled). It is no longer possible to buy or sell whisky through Maltdaq.


We’d like to re-assure members who had placed Bids which had not been matched (i.e. where there was no transaction) that no payment was taken when the Bid was placed.


We are in the process of contacting all members with active Bids or Asks by email with more information so please check your inbox.


You do not need to do anything, but you can check the status of your Asks or Bids when logged in to Maltdaq by going to My Account>My Trades and selecting the Asks or Bids tab.





Personal Data and how it is handled.

We do not, and will not, share your personal data and will only hold data for as long as is required for legal purposes (including Platform Operators (Due Diligence and reporting Requirements) Regulations 2023, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.


Maltdaq does not store financial or identity data – these are held securely by Stripe. For details on how Stripe handles your data please see their Privacy Policy


If you have a query regarding the handling of your personal data, please get in touch at


Viewing your sales or purchase history.

Members will be able to access their accounts to view their trading history until 22nd July 2024.
To do this log into Maltdaq

For whiskies sold go to:

My Account>My Trades>Sold

For whiskies bought go to:

My Account>My Trades>Bought


More information

If you still have a query that has not been answered by the information on this page please contact

If the query relates to a transaction please quote the transaction number (T-XXX) and whisky expression. E.g. T-1000 The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao.